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Safety and services

Permanent perimeter protection


The PHOTON barriers compose a contextual perimeter protection system

In every weather conditions

The PHOTON barriers guarantee

outstanding performance

even in the most adverse weather conditions:

temperatures from -40ºC to + 65ºC, 

high humidity, fog, rain, snow, etc.

with IP 65 waterproof certification


Perimeter protection for large areas, industrial and housing complexes, military and strategic areas

The PHOTON system can be configured for each type of structure: from family homes to extensive perimeters, including distances of several kilometers such as airports, railway stations, pipelines, aqueducts, mines, factories, etc. 

The barriers are installed in pairs, creating virtual walls up to 80 meters outdoor range, impassable and safe, while minimizing the risk of false alarms.

Protection for indoor areas with restricted access or approaching

The PHOTON System is also indicated for protecting artworks or control access or flow of people within public or private structures.